Leadership Indianapolis works to educate, inspire, connect, and mobilize community leaders to serve and strengthen greater Indianapolis.

  • Educate

    people to become knowledgeable and effective civic leaders

  • Inspire

    leaders to care, engage, and contribute to making Indianapolis a stronger community

  • Connect

    people and ideas across organizations, industries, disciplines, and neighborhoods in order to create powerful networks focused on taking Indianapolis to the next level. 

  • Mobilize

    by providing opportunities to get involved in addressing our civic challenges


A Legacy of Leadership

Leadership Indianapolis was formed in 2013 by two of central Indiana’s most prominent community leadership groups: the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series® (SKL) and Lacy Leadership Association (LLA). Our work centers around a mission to educate, inspire, connect, and mobilize community leaders to serve and strengthen greater Indianapolis. We believe that community leadership is at its best when it is multi-generation, multi-cultural, and collaborative.

program participants
program participants

Meet the team behind Leadership Indianapolis.


Learn more about our Board of Directors.

  • Tom Hanley
    Tom Hanley
    • SKL
  • ZeNai Savage
    ZeNai Savage
    Vice Chair
    Indy Chamber
    • SKL
  • Marisol Gouveia
    Marisol Gouveia
    Indiana Humanities
    • Opportunity Indianapolis
    • SKL
  • Darshan Shah
    Darshan Shah
    • SKL
  • Joshua Driver
    Joshua Driver
  • Jason Dudich
    Jason Dudich
    Indiana University
    • SKL
  • Lourenzo Giple
    Lourenzo Giple
    Department of Metropolitan Development
    • SKL
  • Tony Hahn
    Tony Hahn
    Vincennes University
    • SKL
  • Beverly Chu Horton
    Beverly Chu Horton
    Corteva Agriscience
    • SKL
  • Jill Lacy
    Jill Lacy
    Lacy Foundation
    • Opportunity Indianapolis
    • SKL
  • Sarah Myer
    Sarah Myer
    Indiana Sports Corp
    • SKL
  • Doneisha Posey
    Doneisha Posey
    Black Onyx Management, Inc.
    • SKL
  • Angela Smith Jones
    Angela Smith Jones
    Indiana University
    • SKL
  • Taryn Stone
    Taryn Stone
    Ice Miller
    • SKL
  • Yecenia Tostado
    Yecenia Tostado
    Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
    • SKL
  • Nickolas Williams
    Nickolas Williams
    Crossroads Education, Crossroads Education Foundation
    • SKL
  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson
    Pacers Sports & Entertainment
    • SKL
  • Tamara Winfrey-Harris
    Tamara Winfrey-Harris
    Women's Fund of Central Indiana
    • Mosaic Fellowship