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Leadership Indianapolis has a long history of bringing together people from different professions, lived experiences, and perspectives to learn about community issues and leadership. Our audio book club is another way for us to do that. We believe our city and its future is strengthened when people are able to come together for meaningful civil conversations about important issues. 

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Past Audio Book Clubs

"My Time Will Come,” by Ian Manuel

Presented in partnership with the Hub for Black Affairs and Community Engagement at Butler University.

Themes: Criminal Justice and Youth Incarceration

“Evicted,” by Matthew Desmond

Themes: Housing Instability, Poverty

“Long Way Down,” by Jason Reynolds

Themes: Grief, Gun Violence

"Just Mercy,” Bryan Stephenson

Themes: Criminal Justice, Mass Incarceration 

Don't just take our word for it.

I appreciated the curated conversation surrounding the book we read/listened to - it was thoughtful and also challenged my thinking, taking it further than if I had just read the book. I appreciated learning more about how the issues in the book related directly to our community and the encouragement to think about my role in helping to raise awareness/address this issue.

Kristin Kohn
Kristin Kohn
Audio Book Club (Evicted)