“These classmates have taught me lessons on leadership styles, humility, cultural sensitivity and most importantly acceptance.” — LeRoy Lewis III, LEAD 2007, SKL Class XXXIX

LeRoy Lewis III, MBA, serves as Manager of Provider Relations at Eskenazi Medical Group. He participated in both LEAD 2007 and SKL Class XXXIX.

What were your biggest take-aways from LEAD and SKL?

My biggest take away from my time with LEAD and SKL are the relationships. I have learned long ago that I have a strong personality. Some see that as a hindrance, but it would provide me with the opportunity to not be shy in getting to know my fellow classmates. These classmates have taught me lessons on leadership styles, humility, cultural sensitivity and most importantly acceptance.

What impact has your participation in LEAD and SKL had on your work in the community?

The impact that LEAD and SKL has had on my work in the community is being able to accept people for who they are and not try to change them to what I believe they should be. Being in classes with intelligent individuals that all have strong values and perceptions, allowed me to see firsthand that people who can, will and have support for each other, come in all forms and from many different backgrounds.

What leadership quality has been most useful in your work?

The leadership quality that has been most useful in my work is the quality of communication. Being able to articulate my position and tell my story, while at the same time being able to listen to understand the position of others is a skill and trait that all good leaders must possess.

What board, committee, or other community leadership role have you had recently that was particularly important to you? Why did you choose to serve in that capacity?

The current role that I have as a board member of IndyHub is a role that I hold very dear. Anyone that knows me knows that I love my city. This organization is one that is focused not only on equipping future leaders and new residents with knowledge of community happenings, but it is also an advocate for those same individuals in making sure their future here looks and feels the way they want it. And that it looks the same for everyone.

What piece of advice would you offer to emerging community leaders?

If I was to offer any piece of advice for future leaders, it would be to push and pull to make sure you are at the table. We have so many bright individuals that never get an opportunity to be heard, because they were not at the table with the individuals that make the decisions. Just think of how much we may have missed out on, due to the exclusion of certain voices. Those voices may be youthful, cultural, masculine or feminine. But if those voices are not heard, then our world, and my beloved city, will fall into a homogenous demise.