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LEAD is a chance to spend 3 days learning new skills that will equip you to more effectively lead teams and create collaborative environments. Through a combination of workshops, discussions, and case studies, you will develop skills and learn strategies related to building teams, stakeholder analysis, conflict management, and other topics focused on collaborative community leadership.


LEAD develops the essential skills that you are oftentimes asked to use without being taught how to use them. For instance: you may be asked to lead a group and given a task to complete, but you’re not taught that the success of the project relies on getting the members to work collaboratively. Some people seem to be natural at such tasks, but in truth these are skills that can be learned, practiced, and refined. LEAD unpacks what those skills are and teaches you how to use them to help build the community’s future.


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LEAD 2024 will be April 9, 16, & 23
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Registration for LEAD 2024 will open soon.

Dates & Time

LEAD 2024 will be April 9, 16, & 23.


Check back for LEAD 2024 details.




Leadership Indianapolis believes cost should not be a barrier to participation and has a limited number of scholarships available. Please contact Rebecca Hutton at prior to registering for more information.